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Vintage Car Service

1938 Packard V12


Our 1938 Packard offers timeless luxury for your special occasion.  Twelve years were spent meticulously restoring this seven-passenger formal sedan to its original condition.  In their time, Packards were considered the premier luxury sedan, and it will only take one ride in the back with your legs stretched out comfortably in front of you to understand why.  Our deep maroon four-door 1938 Packard offers the perfect combination of luxury and picturesque beauty for your wedding day or special event.
As with all of our restored vehicles, the time and love put into the car creates a relationship and makes the sum of its parts feel like something with a personality.  This particular Packard is one of only 545 twelve cylinder Packards made in its model year.
The life of our Packard began the first day Packards went on sale in 1938, when a Mr. Russell purchased him shortly before moving to Jackson, Mississippi to work with his family’s business, the Russell Grocery Company.  Mr. Russell eventually sold the car to a family member in Jackson.  Then in 1975 George Tribble purchased the car and began the process of restoring it to its former glory.

Packard Diamond Service

The Diamond Service is our “ALL DAY” premier rental, and includes up to three trips — for example, to drive you to the ceremony site, then from your ceremony to the reception; and finally, from the reception to your hotel.

Cost: $895

Packard Silver Service

The Silver Service includes one trip — for example, from your ceremony to the
reception or from the reception to your hotel. We will arrive before your planned departure, so that your guests can see the car, and you have an opportunity to take photos!

Cost: $495

Packard Gold Service

The Gold Service includes up to two trips — for example, from your ceremony to the reception and from the reception to your hotel. Our arrival time is flexible – but we normally arrive 45 minutes prior to the ceremony, so the guests can see the car as they arrive.

Cost: $695